Yellow is the new black 

Hey! So here it goes this is my £100 mini makeover challenge! Dave set me the challenge of making his bedroom look at little fresher and brighter; the black wall was probably not the best choice in hindsight – and not one I made! My initial thought was to bring light in to the room through the use of colour.


Having used orange in the spare room, and still trying to keep a masculine tone to the room, my initial thoughts were to use black and white and monochromes. The only downside to this was I would be putting further black into the already dark room. Not one to give up (or admit I am wrong) I poured myself a strong tea and began deeper research for some inspiration. It was only when my mind began to wander that I looked around my lounge – you could practically hear the penny dropped when I thought yellow!! I am a massive ambassador for yellow when it’s done right. If you haven’t read it already, check out my Dayroom Daydream where you’ll see I have gone for a subtle Regency day room yellow. However this room needed a brighter, more vibrant, yellow to inject some much needed light and personality.

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