Yellow is the new black 

Hey! So here it goes this is my £100 mini makeover challenge! Dave set me the challenge of making his bedroom look at little fresher and brighter; the black wall was probably not the best choice in hindsight – and not one I made! My initial thought was to bring light in to the room through the use of colour.


Having used orange in the spare room, and still trying to keep a masculine tone to the room, my initial thoughts were to use black and white and monochromes. The only downside to this was I would be putting further black into the already dark room. Not one to give up (or admit I am wrong) I poured myself a strong tea and began deeper research for some inspiration. It was only when my mind began to wander that I looked around my lounge – you could practically hear the penny dropped when I thought yellow!! I am a massive ambassador for yellow when it’s done right. If you haven’t read it already, check out my Dayroom Daydream where you’ll see I have gone for a subtle Regency day room yellow. However this room needed a brighter, more vibrant, yellow to inject some much needed light and personality.

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Budget Bedroom: Bland to Bold

Little has been done with the top floor of the house in the three years since it was built and so with the recent departure of a lodger, it was the perfect time to decorate a bedroom. My other half set the brief of modern, clean, light and gave me a budget of £150.00 – which I managed to achieve for only £105.50. As many of you will know, modern is not my usual interior style as I favour more of a classic look or, as my Dad would say, “Downton Abbey” inspired.

My initial thoughts were to go down the route of calm and modern and adopt my default colour of GREY, incorporating a bright colour to create a pop and add some warmth and personality. Grey and yellow work really well together and have gone hand in hand when it comes to interiors for years but I wanted something a little bit different. After running through colours in my head I quickly started to dismiss most choices; blue – too cold, red – done to death, pink – shot down and then I came to orange. Now I love orange as I think it’s one of those colours that has numerous shades and tones, like burnt orange and peach,that can create so many different vibes. However for this project I knew what I wanted and that was a bright citrus, yet classy, orange. I now just needed to find it!

Armed with my iPad I snuggled down into bed with a decaf Yorkshire Gold and began trawling though my regular internet haunts. I finally tracked the cushions down in Dunelm for £8.00 each and a matching throw from Wayfair for £17.99 (Reduced from £52.99). I’ve never made a purchase from Wayfair before and so I was a little apprehensive, but I have to say, the quality is great. With the orange in the bag I was on a roll and turned my attention to the accessories. Now, as I strict rule, I don’t like to mass buy accessories as I think it’s best to collect items that you really love – that way you will always find that special place to put them, else you can end up with a mass of clutter around your home. However with this room being a totally blank canvas I felt it needed a couple of items to add a homely feel without it being too much engineered personality in a guest room. To complete the room I got some simple white lamp shades from B&Q for £5 each to replace to blue shades of the table lamps and decided to stick with the existing grey ceiling shade to maintain a soft lighting to the room.


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