Pocket Full Of Personality

 When it comes to clothing I am a big believer that everyone has that one “go to” garment that is their weak spot. Mine, in case your wondering, is jackets! Whether I am scanning the Zara sale, perusing the vintage shops in London or flicking through the next seasons looks on Pinterest,  jackets are the first thing I go to.

I’d never really thought too much about it until I moved out of home and had to  pack up my collection for moving. Then came the realisation that I had more than 60 jackets! Not having space for them all I had to go through the painful process of cutting down my collection but thankfully I still managed to squeeze 42 into my apartment – 19 of which are blazers! God I love a blazer!
Blazers for me are my go to outfit, and, while at university these where practically my uniform on a day to day basis! Skinny jeans and a blazer, paired with anything from a hoody, jumper or a tee underneath, they were always with me rain or shine (but teamed with shorts in the shine).
For me, a blazer was always a great choice while at Uni as it fitted my quite skinny frame well, giving me a more grown up silhouette, and at the same time was an extremely versatile item for a student on a budget! My old faithful navy Topman blazer, (which I have tried and tried to replace) fits so well and is a classic that has seen mixing plaster for making ceramic moulds over a slouchy tee to nights out with a shirt and dickie bow.
Where am I going with this you may be wondering! Well, to get to my point, how do you add a new look to your favourite jackets to create a fresh take on your wardrobe?  For me the answer lies in the accessories, and in particular, pocket squares (and bow ties for a  more formal occasion).  A couple of years ago I did a modelling job for a pocket square company which got me hooked on them! Considering it is something so small and affordable (compared to 18 new blazers haha), it can breathe a new life into any one of my old blazers and have a great impact to create a fresh look. What’s even more great about them is that you can move them from jacket to jacket and, each one has the potential to change your look. The added beauty of a pocket square compared to the dickie bow is that they can still be worn casually during the day – I have even been known to dress up a plain white shirt with a pocket square in my chest pocket! However for a formal occasion a dickie bow and matching pocket square is always a winning combination for the sophisticated man about town.
Squared Pocket Modelling (Cringe)
There are many different ways you can fold a pocket square, however I always tend to keep it quite informal and stick with one particular casual style  so that it shows the pattern (that and the fact that I am usually in a rush to get ready!). I tend to go for ‘The Puff Fold’ or the ‘The Dunaway Fold’ as these are of the two most laid back folds.
A lot of my pocket squares came from ‘Squared Pocket’, the company I modelled some for previously, but they have unfortunately stopped making them (I blame the model haha). The rest of my collection have mostly been picked up on the high street or have been gifts – like my liberty one. However before I go any further, I must tell you about my latest pocket square which has been handmade in my beloved York and, even more impressively, is bespoke for me!

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